The Real Simwives of Hidden Springs (cancelled) Edit

The Real Simwives of Hidden Springs (abbreviated RSOHS) was a Sims 3 Machinima Online Reality TV Series created by RealBayWives and was cancelled during its Second Season due to technical and legal issues.


The RSOHS Season 2 Cast lineup. From L to R: Felicity Stylz, Penelope Snow, Velvet Skye-Castillo, Chelsea B. Patterson, Audriana Bollea and Autumn Joi.

The Cast Edit


The RSOHS Season 1 Cast lineup. From L to R: Devyn Gray, Chelsea B. Patterson, Velvet Skye-Castillo, Audriana Bollea, Maris Del Sanchez and Penelope Snow.

The Season 1 Cast included: Velvet Skye-Castillo, Penelope Snow, Audriana Bollea, Devyn Gray, Maris Del Sanchez and Chelsea B. Patterson. For Season 2, Gray and Del Sanchez were axed but both of them made appearances. Autumn Joi and Felicity Stylz joined the cast, and that left The Real Simwives of Hidden Springs Season 2 cast with: Skye-Castillo, Snow, Bollea,

B. Patterson, Joi and Stylz.

Production History Edit

In Early 2014, The Real Simwives of Hidden Springs premiered it's First Season with Castillo, Snow, Bollea, Gray, Del Sanchez and Patterson but the Season was cut short to 1 episode and 1 Reunion Special. A few weeks later, Season 2 premiered and Gray and Del Sanchez were replaced by Joi and Stylz. The series was cancelled after the second episode of Season 2.

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